Antivirus cloud

Antivirus and anti-malware as a managed service

Antivirus as a managed service offers many advantages for both end users and for the service provider. Utixo offers the service as a smart alternative to the traditional software-based antivirus systems. It's very easy to configure our saas antivirus on all your servers, workstations and laptops from a central Web based console.

Cloud-based antivirus products provide several benefits: centralized management, simpler PC deployments and less reliance on users.

Be securely managed

We offer you an antivirus service with our central management system, which includes monitoring and problem management.

Let us take care of your security, it's our job and we are very good at it, from a central web console we can have a view of all your network security, server and workstation status and we can notify you about problems or we can act ourself to avoid furthers problems. Everything is done with our cloud interface, updates of virus signatures, scans, policy management, and licenses management.

Unload your Systems

In terms of protection and processing, most of the heavy lifting happens in the cloud, and as a result, the client needs little memory footprint. The central server's console is where you keep track of infections, users and other reports, and it can be viewed from a Web browser.

Benefits for moving your endpoint protection to the Utixo cloud :

  • 1. You don't have to worry about users turning off protection software or forgetting to install the latest virus signatures.
  • 2. You can instantly see what is happening across your network and which PCs are protected.
  • 3. PC deployment is simplified because there is less software to install.
  • 4. In some cases, you can even initiate antivirus scans through the cloud service and, once again, not have to depend on individual user behavior.
  • 5. we can push security policies to your desktops and server and ensure that users are running active firewalls or updated virus signatures.









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