Cloud Backup

Utixo Cloud File Backup

Utixo Cloud Backup is a fully managed service which takes care of backing up your files and documents to the cloud automatically. It’s the ideal solution for those who wish to manage and safeguard their files in a safe and remote location

The backups can be scheduled as you like and you will be able to keep on working during the backup process, the file will be compressed, optimized encrypted and store in our datacenter where nobody can access.

Why Cloud backup?

Cloud backups also called Offsite backup have many advantages over onsite classical backup, the device and the systems in your office can be destroyed for many reasons, fire, thieves or even earthquake can out you out of business if you cannot recovery all your data. You will be able to access your data from any location and rebuild yours system even in the worst possible scenario.


Utixo cloud backup agent uploads a full backup initially and stores smaller, incremental updates afterwards to save bandwidth and storage space, you will just need to save your latest data and this is a big advantage for speed.


The Utixo Cloud Backup service guarantees maximum security using AES-256 encryption (or GNU Privacy Guard) to secure all data before it is uploaded and security protocols SSL.
Once the backups have been created the encrypted backup files are transferred to Utixo datacenter of your choice, there are no place more secure than our datacenters. You cannot get more.


When transferring and storing the data, advanced deduplication and compression systems are applied.
This allows you to limit the use of your bandwidth when transferring data to the Cloud Backup, transmitting only new or changed data, making it a high performance service in terms of speed.

Open files and file exclusion

Utixo cloud agent can make proper backups of opened or locked files using the Volume Snapshot Service (VSS) under Windows or the Logical Volume Manager under Linux. This is very important because we will be able to backup while you work, the classic example is Microsoft Outlook PST files, and they will be backed up in any case. Custom filter rules will allow to exclude specific file extensions from the backup, saving space and time backing up useless files for your case.


The Utixo Cloud Backup service is extremely versatile: you can backup for your Cloud Servers and your physical Servers or just some very important files, whether they are hosted with Utixo or not. We also support other platform other than Windows, we can backup your Linux and Mac systems.

Cloud Technology

Backup as a service means forget about backups

The Cloud Backup infrastructure consists in a series of Storage Vaults capable of storing and protecting vast amounts of data, available for access through secure and protected connections. The backups you create can be managed from the Backup Control Panel, a simple and powerful web-based user interface accessible from any browser.
The data you wish to make a copy of, can be stored at the datacenter of your choice, the backup data is transmitted to the Storage Vaults across direct encrypted connections, which are compressed and deduplicated, ensuring optimum performance in terms of speed, significantly helping you save on time and bandwidth consumption, guaranteeing maximum security standards. Advanced deduplication systems and backup data compression, transmitting only new and changed data, speeding up the transmission process (limiting bandwidth use for users) and offering storage capacity savings.

Agent Based backup

Using a simple backup Agent to install on the clients or servers you wish to perform the backup on, it is possible to save and protect your mission-critical data. From the Backup Control Panel you can create and manage even backups of complex and distributed systems with a few simple clicks. The backup Agent and the Backup Control Panel allow you to manage all your backups safely, efficiently, quickly and with maximum reliability, on any platform and operating system, for any type of physical or virtual Server.

The magic words :

- Compression

- Deduplication

- Encription

Plans & Pricing

Choose the backup plan that fits your business

Backup 1


  • 50 GB Storage Space

Backup 2


  • 100 GB Storage Space

Backup 3


  • 200 GB Storage Space

Backup 4


  • 500 GB Storage Space