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Cloud Fax Service

Fax to Email - Email to Fax

Cloud Fax Services deliver the flexibility, performance, reliability and cost saving business need

No installation required

Utixo Cloud FAX is a Hosted faxing service that does not require any installation.It's ready in 10 minutes.

Anytime, anywhere

No matter where you are, if you will always be able to send and receive fax even with your smartphone.

Worldwide Fax Numbers

We can provide a dedicated FAX number from countries all over the world

Send/receive multiple faxes simultaneously

No busy lines, no ringing phone you will be able to send and receive multiple fax at the same time and many people can use the same number


Powerful reporting allows you to view high level summary of fax usage, who send fax, who receive fax and for all your fax numbers.

Application integration

Send faxes from any ERP application, any software capable of sending email can send fax.

Never lose a FAX

All FAX are send to you via e-mail and we can also keep an archive of all faxes for you.

No paper No ink

Save on paper and ink, no need to print all your faxes, you can store all them as PFD and print only when needed.

Fax Receiving - Fax to Email

Receiving faxes with Utixo is not only convenient, but also secure. Incoming faxes are channeled into email attachments or even integrated in your desktop application. All received faxes are converted in an email with PDF attached that you can read everywhere simply in your email mailbox with any client on any kind of computer or smarphone.

Fax Sending - Email to FAX

Just send an email to Faxes are quickly sent through email in just a click: single faxes, multiple faxes, massive send outs.

Price description: Virtual Fax

Here below, all the services associated to this great product. For Italy, for example, there are all cities’ area codes at your disposal. For the other countries there are all cities and districts. Just a click to activate them.

For Italy the service price is EUR 19,00 (+vat where applicable) for setup annual fee of EUR 84,00 (+vat where applicable). Please use the dropbox menu on this page to choose country and district you wish activate. The price is also shown.


Global Coverage, fax numbers from the following countries

Argentina Australia Austria Barhain Belgium Brazil Bulgaria Canada Chile Croatia Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Dominican Republic El Salvador Estonia Finland France Georgia Germany Greece Hong Kong Hungary Ireland Italy Israel Japan Latvia Lithuania Luxembourg Malta Mexico Netherlands New Zealand Norway Panama Peru Poland Portugal Puerto Rico Romania Singapore Slovakia Slovenia South Africa Spain Sweden Switzerland United Kingdom United States

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Get faxes from everywhere
10 pages per month included
Just a low annual fee, no limits in receiving
Worldwide Geographic area number