E-Mail services

Utixo Emails be sure you receive all be sure you reach your destinations

Advanced security features

Not all email system are the same, our security systems don't just shield your inbox from spam but they also help protect your business machines against viruses and malware by stopping threats BEFORE they reach your network.

IMAP Support

Not all email service includes IMAP support, but it's a must-have for business users. IMAP allows you to access your email through a mobile app or desktop client, in addition to our Web portal.This feature is STANDAR for us, in addition to POP3.

Reliable Sending System

Reliable email delivery is important to your business: we offer all the latest technology to ensure that your emails will reach destinations safely and quickly. For Business level mailboxes we configure DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) and SPF Sender Policy Framework.

Multiple MX record and SMTP

We do not rely on a single server we have always 3 servers working together to ensure your email service is performing, Be safe in our hands.

Where is my email? We can track it

Utixo email Tracking System

We can track all your received and sent email, just ask us and we can tell you where the mail is your are looking for

Features and Prices

  • Cost for Italy numbers
  • Cost for other countries
  • Fax receive
  • Multiple faxes receive
  • Online data storage
  • Storage technology
  • Change/add receiving email
  • Customer care
  • Documents format
  • Webcontrol panel
  • Additional costs
  • 19,00 € Setup, 84.00 € /year
  • look at above details
  • Unlimited receiving, no additional costs
  • Yes, 3 channels included
  • Yes, unlimited, web based cloud
  • On-the-cloud
  • Self-service in control panel
  • Yes trouble ticket 24h/7d
  • PDF
  • Yes
  • No