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This module logic is to assign each client an account manager(agent) who can help him with commercial and technical issues and is the first point of contact for the client. The agent will earn commission on all the client’s orders. Contact details for the agent are displayed on the client’s dashboard, effectively making the agent the client’s dedicated reference for sales/technical support.

How does it work?

This module give affiliates a totally different role form the standard WHMCS behavior, the affiliate became the service manager who take care of the client and get always commissions on each client purchase.

Associate clients with agents

When an agent is assigned to a client, he will earn commission on all the client’s subsequent orders, regardless of the client having visited the referral link. The module is built on top of WHMCS’s affiliate system, so the rules set by the administrator for payouts and commission percentages will still apply. Clients can access their dedicated agent’s contact details from their WHMCS dashboard to request support on ordering new services.

Tools for agents to boost sales and assist their clients

Agents have access to a dedicated page with a list of the clients they manage and the commissions earned from their sales. For each managed client a dedicated sub-account with limited privileges is created for the agent: this way agents can sign on as the client and manage orders and services on their behalf. Agents can autonomously assign themselves new clients by sending them a link to a dedicated page where they can confirm the association. Clients have the option to revoke their agents access to their WHMCS account at any time, without preventing the agent from earning commission on their orders.

My Service Manager UCMP Utixo

Service Manager

When a client is assigned to a Service Manager, the contact details for the Service Manager are displayed on the client’s control panel, in the My Service Manager panel on the left of the dashboard. The client has always the same account manager assigned and can contact him directly.

My Clients

Affiliates will find here a list of their managed clients.
For each client they will be able to see how much commissions they are earning, and can use the Log In as Client function for the clients with which they have a Client / Service Manager association (if the Log In as Client function is enabled in the module configuration).

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