The ItRegistrar module provides .it accredited Registrars with a complete domain management and provisioning solution, enabling clients and admins to register, transfer, renew and cancel domains from within WHMCS. Full control over the domains is ensured by the management functions made available to both clients and admins, including automatic renewals, cancellations, nameserver and WHOIS information updates, auth_code requests and more

Admin tools

The module provides support for all the most common operations like domain registration, transfer, cancellation, restore. It is integrated into the WHMCS workflow for full automated provisioning.

Customers tools

Customers have at their disposal all the useful tools for managing their domains, thus having the possibility to intervene by modifying the nameservers associated with the domains and their WHOIS contact information, as well as having access to the auth code for any transfer operations.


Dashboard Widget

The addon provides useful tools such as a widget for the WHMCS dashboard to keep track of your credit on NIC.it and an interface on all activities and updates relating to domains managed through a NIC.it message polling system.

NIC Activity Summary

The module ItRegistrar provides admins a useful and complete summary of all activities and updates on managed domains, such as the results of nameserver changes, start and end of periods transition of domain renewal or cancellation, requests and results of transfer operations to and from other registrars etc.
All this information is automatically synchronized and are visible from a dedicated page of the ItRegistrar module, thus eliminating the need to connect to the rain-ng.nic panel.
All activities and updates specific to individual domains are also reported in the domain management admin page, so as to always have the status and history of the displayed domain under control.

Key Features

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