System Monitoring As-a-Service

System Monitoring Service

Simplify IT Management an Increase System at the time

No software No hardware

No software or hardware to buy or manage, just sign up and you are up and running in 5 minutes. Our expert will setup the system for you, they know what you need.

Identify Root Cause Immediately

Something is wrong and you need to find the cause? Our service will save you the headache by giving you all the information you need in a web console or on your smartphone. Just define your device dependencies and you'll see what is really happening in your network

Get notified

Set your triggers and relax, you will get instant alerts via email, SMS, Twitter or phone whenever something is wrong. Smartphone APP is available.

Trends analysis

For complex system monitoring and decision support, we can store all the performance data for problems prevention or resources optimization.

Be Monitored

monitor, control, and optimize your infrastructure.

Utixo monitoring service is the ultimate enterprise-level service designed for monitoring availability and performance of IT infrastructure components

What can we monitor

We can collect data from PC, servers, network devices, Esxi Hosts, Web sites, anything connected in your network

How can we monitor your network
An Utixo proxy can collect performance and availability data on behalf of the management server

Features and benefits

  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Monitor appliance, servers, virtual hosts, switch, routers and any device
  • Proxy deployment for internal network access
  • No hardware or software to buy, install and maintain
  • Web based reports, graphs and infrastructure dashboards
  • Multi-channel notification, SMS, e-mail, XMPP, voice call
  • Automatic remediation, scripts can be executed on events
  • Problems are spotted and fixed before you experience any downtime


  • SMS notification
  • Dedicated monitoring environment
  • Distributed monitoring servers

System Monitoring





Price€ 15 /mo
per server
€ 25 /mo
per server
€ 39 /mo
per server
€ 1.490 /mo
up to
50 servers
Server Monitoring
- Phisical or VMs
Unlimited Sensors
Unlimited Alerts
Unlimited Sensors
Unlimited Alerts
Unlimited Sensors
Unlimited Alerts
Unlimited Sensors
Unlimited Alerts
Website Monitoring
- Websites
- email and FTP services, etc.
Application/DB Monitoring
- Application plugins
2 plugins/server
5 plugins/server
Unlimited plugins
Integration & Customisation
- Plugin customization
Unlimited plugins
Metrics Definition5 minutes3 minutes1 minutes1 minutes
Metrics Retention7 days30 days90 days365 days
NotificationEmailsEmailsEmail + SMSMultichannel
24/7 Remote Incident ManagementOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
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